virtuaalihevonen / SIM-game horse
The Westies

1st in Queen Elizabeth II Stakes (G1), Meon Valley Stud Fillies' Mile (G1), Adirondack Stakes (G2), Champagne Stakes (G2), Just A Game BC Handicap (G2), Cullamore Mile (G3), Rosemary Handicap (List), Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile (UG) -- 2nd in 1000 Guineas Stakes (G1), Kentucky Oaks (G1), Challenger's Mile (G1), Victoria Derby (G1), Cullamore Derby (G1), Grazia Unlimited Style Guide (UG) -- 3rd in Railway Stakes (G2), Princess Elizabeth Stakes (G3), Dance Design
Stakes (G3)



engl. täysiverinen, tamma
s. 44/2010 (CAS18) GBR, -18-vuotias
sk. 160cm, tummanruunikko
kasv. tuntematon, GBR
om. Daymor Acres, USA

i. YouLookinAtMe
e. Boston Bound
ei. For The Gold

stat. 23: 10-6-3-2, 2,181,643v€
voittoprosentti 43, sijoitusprosentti 91
nurmea suosiva G1 tason miler (8-9f)




YouLookinAtMe (USA) Sounds Like A Record (GBR) Silent For Years (GBR)
Rock Group Groupie (GBR)
Meandering Soul (USA)
Boundaries (USA)
Soulful (USA)
Boston Bound (USA)
For The Gold (IRE)
Treasures Untold (IRE)
KayleeKoo (IRE)
Immigrant Race (USA) Migratory Jack (USA)
Last Dance Lass (USA)


14/2012 CAS24-3   ori Western Empire DMOR, trn 165cm, G1 11: 5-2-4-0, 3,056,160v€
i. Imperialist (klm 166cm, G2 14: 4-3-4-0, miler)
26/2012 CAS25-3   tamma Western Promise DMOR, trn 162cm, kilpailematon
i. Lost Prophecy (m 164cm, G1 23: 5-6-8-0, miler)
49/2012 CAS27-2   tamma Western Ways DMOR, trn 161cm, kilpailematon
i. Culture Shock (m 162cm, G1 13: 5-2-3-0, miler)
33/2013 CAS30-2   ori Western Bound DMOR, rnvkk 162cm, kilpailematon
i. Geelong (vkk sb 162cm, G2 15: 4-2-2-2, miler)


  Startit 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Voittosumma
2YO 8 6 - 1 - 416,375v€  
3YO 10 2 5 2 1 1,236,674v€  
4YO 5 2 1 - 1 528,594v€  
Tot. 23 10 6 3 2 2,181,643v€  


1st CAS20-3 Newport T 8f open "Mile Maiden" Maiden 8,140v€
1st CAS20-4 Cullamore T 9f open Allowance 20,000v€
1st CAS20-5 Cullamore T 8f open "Cullamore Mile" G3 60,000v€
3rd CAS20-6 Newport T 6f 2yo "Railway Stakes" G2 16,155v€
1st CAS20-8 Cullamore D 6.5f 2yo fillies "Adirondack Stakes" G2 95,000v€
1st CAS20-9 Newport T 7f 2yo "Champagne Stakes" G2 81,405v€
1st CAS20-9 Newport T 8f 2yo fillies "Meon Valley Stud Fillies' Mile" G1 135,675v€
7th CAS20-10 Newport T 8f open "Toorak Handicap" G1 0v€
2nd CAS21-4 Newport T 8f 3yo fillies "1000 Guineas Stakes" G1 102,766v€
2nd CAS21-5 Laukkajaos D 9f 3yo fillies "Kentucky Oaks" G1 100,000v€
3rd CAS21-6 Newport T 8.5f 3yo+ f&m "Princess Elizabeth Stakes" G3 8,366v€
2nd CAS21-6 Laukkajaos T 8f 3yo+ "Challenger's Mile" G1 240,000v€
3rd CAS21-9 Newport T 9f 3yo+ f&m "Dance Design Stakes" G3 7,539v€
1st CAS21-9 Newport T 8f 3yo+ f&m "Rosemary Handicap" Listed 27,135v€
4th CAS21-10 Newport T 8f 3yo fillies "The Thousand Guineas" G1 21,783v€
2nd CAS21-11 Newport T 10f 3yo "Victoria Derby" G1 261,642v€
2nd CAS21-11 Newport T 8f open "Grazia Unlimited Style Guide" UG 17,443v€
1st CAS21-11 Laukkajaos D 8f 3yo+ "Breeders' Cup Dirt Mile" UG 450,000v€
2nd CAS22-9 Cullamore T 8.5f 3yo+ "Cullamore Derby" G1 174,000v€
4th CAS22-9 Laukkajaos T 10f 3yo+ f&m "HolyCat Memorial" G1 50,000v€
9th CAS22-10 Laukkajaos D 7f 4yo+ f&m "Humana Distaff" G1 0v€
1st CAS22-11 Laukkajaos T 8f 3yo+ f&m "Just A Game BC Handicap" G2 135,000v€
1st CAS22-12 Newport T 8f 3yo+ "Queen Elizabeth II Stakes" G1 169,594v€